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Project |01


Cuentos de la Tierra ​
Pilot Episode "La Leyenda de Los Payachatas"
Based on Chilean Mythology
Directed by Renzo Soto
Julio 2016

Duoc UC - Viña del Mar

This project was developed as part of 3 different undergraduate courses, where the main focus was to expose our students to collaborative and multidisciplinary work, simulating conditions they would encounter in a real job situation. This project involved third year Digital Animation Students, and fourth year sound Engineering Students.

In terms of the animation techniques, our students had to develop characters and settings, which later were materialized through integration of 2D and 3D elements.

From the sound design perspective, each episode had a separate team, each lead by director, who was responsable to supervise the different areas (dialog, sfx, Foley and ambience). My role was to act as Sound Design Supervisor, to ensure the same style for the entire series.

As a result, this group ended up with two fully animated episodes, and two pre-produced. 

Project |02


¿Donde Estan?​
Directed by Pierrangelie Atenas
December 2017

Duoc UC - Viña del Mar


This animated short was the final project of an digital animation student group, led by Pierrangelie Atenas. The story was based on the new labeling for cereals and food in Chile.

Project |03


In Sickness
Directed by Aleksandra Vladilo
December 2018

Duoc UC - Viña del Mar

More projects to be published soon!

This animated short was the final project of an digital animation student group,  and was chosen as the best Latin American student produced animated short film at the Chilemonos Festival 2019

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